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Tips For Winning a Horse Race

horse race

If you enjoy betting on horses, you can check out our selection of tips for horse racing. From running position to weights, from Bar shoes to odds-on wagering, we’ve got it covered. This article will help you win at the horse races you love. Follow our advice and you’ll be on your way to making the winning bets! We hope you enjoy our selections! Just make sure to use your best judgment when placing your wagers!


Every race has a certain weight for each entrant. Each race has a certain amount of weight and jockeys usually carry a set weight. Each horse is allowed to carry a certain amount of weight, and extra weight may be added to some entries to even the competition. In addition to jockey weight, a horse’s jockey carries an additional seven pounds of gear. The racing secretary will determine the weights for all of the horses in a race.

Running position

Choosing the right running position is extremely important to a horse’s chances of winning a horse race. Midfield horses are a good choice, as they have cover and can conserve their energy. As the runners come in front of them, the horses in midfield can slipstream. Streamlining corners helps horses conserve energy, and it allows them to get past slower runners in a short period of time. However, there are some disadvantages to this strategy.

Bar shoes

Bar shoes for horse race are made to protect the hooves of the horse. The shoes are fitted on the hind foot and are designed to take a hospital plate which is bolted into the shoe. The horseshoe is usually made of an old road sign but you can also buy a set of bolts at a good hardware store. In some cases, bar shoes are the only way to keep the horse sound.

Odds-on wagering

In horse racing, you can bet on odds-on horses to win. These odds are based on probability, and the winning dollar amount for each selection is shown as an odds-on fraction. The total amount returned to the bettor is the profit of the wager, plus the original amount bet. While odds-on horses are more risky, they can still give you a profit. There are many advantages to placing an odds-on wager on horse races.


The question of whether a judgment in a horse race can be overturned by the Court of Appeals lies within the scope of the statute, not in the substantive law of the case. In some cases, a judgment can be based on an accumulation of debts. In Stokes’ case, the underlying issue was whether the ALJ properly found Stokes in violation of rule 1592, which authorizes the Stewards to discipline a horse for entering an ineligible race. Despite the evidence, however, the court upheld Stoke’s petition. The trial court entered judgment on Stokes’ petition on November 30, 2000.


While it’s easy to argue that the money that horseplayers are receiving in horse races is the rightful property of the track, it is equally easy to point to the unfairness of current rules and regulations. Taking away breakage from the horseplayers is likely to generate negative sentiment among current recipients. The total amount of breakage from a race’s multiple races is now divided among a larger number of bettors. Historically, breakage would have trickled down to purse funds and horsemen’s groups, but that’s no longer the case.