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Outcome: 38a2ce7b730f61aa712474e89cf18a28 [RDF]

Label 38a2ce7b730f61aa712474e89cf18a28
Slug 38a2ce7b730f61aa712474e89cf18a28
Safety issue
Measure Complete Cytogenetic Response (CCyR) Rate
Description Complete Cytogenetic Response (CCyR) rate is defined as the proportion of all treated participants who achieve a CCyR while on-study, expressed as a percentage. CCyR rate is defined as 0% Ph+ metaphases in at least 20 metaphases in bone marrow. The denominator of the CCyR response rate consists of all treated participants in Cohort 3, and the numerator is all participants in Cohort 3 achieving CCyR. 95% confidence interval was calculated by Clopper-Pearson exact method.
Time frame From first dose of study therapy until 30 days after last dose (Assessed up to September 2016, approximately 90 months)
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