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Eligibility: 9ec45e6e17f141ea4e668b5449fa5ad3 [RDF]

Label 9ec45e6e17f141ea4e668b5449fa5ad3
Slug 9ec45e6e17f141ea4e668b5449fa5ad3
Criteria Inclusion Criteria: - The specimen is from a patient with symptoms of acute gastroenteritis. - The specimen is from a male or female subject who was either hospitalized, admitted to a hospital emergency department or visiting an outpatient clinic. - The subject's specimen is an unpreserved, unformed (liquid or soft) stool submitted for testing at the site. Exclusion Criteria: - The specimen is from an individual with known and documented non-infectious conditions such as ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome and/or Crohn's disease - The specimen was not properly collected, transported, processed or stored according to the instructions provided by the sponsor.
Maximum age N/A
Healthy volunteers No
Study pop All comers
Minimum age N/A
Gender Both
Sampling method Probability Sample
Similars None
Interlinks None