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Outcome: 1d1e511ffc5dcc8ea75f5fe5a4f2a4fd [RDF]

Label 1d1e511ffc5dcc8ea75f5fe5a4f2a4fd
Slug 1d1e511ffc5dcc8ea75f5fe5a4f2a4fd
Safety issue No
Measure Mean Change in the Bath Ankylosing Spondylitis Metrology Index (BASMI) in Subjects With Adalimumab Exposure Through Week 260
Description BASMI measures the range of motion based on five clinical measurements: 1) cervical rotation, 2) tragus to wall distance, 3) lumbar side flexion, 4) lumbar flexion (modified Schober's) and 5) intermalleolar distance. BASMI 0 = indicates mild disease involvement, 1 = moderate disease, and 2 = severe disease involvement. The results for cervical rotation and lumbar side flexion are the means of the left and right measurements. Scoring range 0-10. The higher the BASMI score, the more severe was the subject's limitation of movement due to their AS.
Time frame Weeks 12, 24, 52, 76, 104, 128, 156, 180, 208, 220, 232, 244, and 260
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