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Outcome: 0f76e95e12cf329c0f77ec5ffdcf2644 [RDF]

Label 0f76e95e12cf329c0f77ec5ffdcf2644
Slug 0f76e95e12cf329c0f77ec5ffdcf2644
Safety issue No
Measure Stages of Change at baseline
Description The current stages of exercising patterns for participants were evaluated by an adapted version of PASCQ.It is a binary type (yes/no) questionnaire, and contains four items.Participants answer each question about their physical activity practices with a 'yes' or a 'no', and according to these responses they are classified into five different stages by means of a scoring algorithm.Participant were asked to respond to the Chinese version of the PASCQ before the randomization.
Time frame Baseline (just after randomization)
Similars None
Interlinks None