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Outcome: 08afdacc2786a8598270de5b7df975f4 [RDF]

Label 08afdacc2786a8598270de5b7df975f4
Slug 08afdacc2786a8598270de5b7df975f4
Safety issue
Measure Change in Quality of Life
Description Change in Quality of Life questionnaire measured from baseline (enrollment) to 30 days following discharge. The questionnaire is a self-administered disease-specific questionnaire for patients with HF, comprising 21 items rated on six-point Likert scales, representing different degrees of impact of HF on health related quality of life, from 0 (none) to 5 (very much). It provides a total score (range 0-105, from best to worst HRQoL),
Time frame 30 day
Similars None
Interlinks None