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Arm_group: C-reactive Protein (Arm Group) [RDF]

Label C-reactive Protein (Arm Group)
Slug 3249accff13a014a92aa245c02997f21
Arm group label C-reactive Protein
Description In this group, the attending physicians will be instructed to follow the decision flowchart based on the CRP values. Antibiotic suspension will be encouraged when levels of this marker are <35mg/L (if peak PCR below 100mg/L); or reduce 50% of the highest value (if PCR peak > 100mg/L), with a limit of seven days, if there is clinical improvement. If a given patient has persistently elevated CRP levels (> 100 mg/l or fall less than 50% relative to the time of inclusion), the investigators will encourage attending physicians to maintain antibiotics and to perform a careful search for persistent infection. In case of doubts, if the patient is well clinically and without signs of active infection, the duration of antibiotic therapy should be the same as suggested for the Best Practice group.
Arm group type Experimental
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